At Transition Gallery and Hackney Picture House Gallery, London

Andrew Bracey / Jackie Chettur / Paul Kindersley / Cathy Lomax /
Alli Sharma / Mimei Thompson / David Wojtowycz / Nicola Woodham


7-30 September 2012


Frames (2007-9) is a series of hundreds of small paintings on leader from 35mm film strip. Each image is culled form a different film and has been selected by the artist as a 'non-moment' in the movie, something not essential or recognisable to the plot or narrative. Each film was culled from different 'best of' lists such as the best picture Oscar winners, the top 100 films of the century from Village Voice and the 250 best films as voted by the on-line community at

The eleven Frames paintings inspired by Sight and Sounds top ten Directors choice of best films ever from their 2002 survey are at Transition Gallery and Frames from Bracey's personal top ten films are at Hackney Picture House.


Andrew's work is showing at Hackney Picture House
and Transition Gallery