Contemporary British Painting at St Marylebone Crypt
St Marylebone Church, 17 Marylebone Road, London NW1

Painting Objects

Annabel Dover, Cathy Lomax, Alli Sharma

3–31 October 2014
Open Mon–Fri 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

Private View: Wednesday 15 October 6-8pm

Annabel Dover

Painting Objects functions as the kind of ambiguous exhibition that artists love. It’s multiple meanings open out possibilities and prevent the dreaded restrictions of fixed definitions, narrow limits and rigid explanations.

For this exhibition, each of the three artists paints a different kind of object. Cathy Lomax’s objects are women – they are cropped, squeezed, anonymous and depersonalised, taken from the screen and made into paint - objects disconnected from their grounds.

Cathy Lomax

Alli Sharma also looks at women but her vanishing lady is a plastic toy from a long-forgotten childhood game. Liverpool actress, Avril Angers, is plucked from an old The Smiths album and incongruously presented alongside a tropical pineapple; the pairing discovered by chance in the studio.


Alli Sharma

Annabel Dover paints the objects that live in her house, each with its own story. ‘The ceramic house is a model of my great aunt's house, made by her when she was young, the tin soldier I found in the garden, a previous inhabitants lost toy, the Staffordshire figure is cracked at the back and I found it in the bin at the Royal Academy Schools, the brain is a sculpture by Jock Mooney. Painting these groups of objects make their stories interweave, reflecting the fairy tales that surround us all in our domestic interiors.’