10 October - 24 November 24 2013 - Galerie d'YS, Brussels
15 - 19 January 2014 - London Art Fair - Art Projects
25 January - 16 February 2014 - Transition Gallery, London

Mimei Thompson

Green Man, 2013, oil on canvas, 40x40cm


Mimei Thompson was born in Tokyo, Japan and now lives and works in London. Her paintings look at the subject of landscape from the perspective that the natural always exists as a construct. There is a longing for a pure nature, a place of origin and authenticity, alongside an awareness of its impossibility. 

For Masques Thompson has been inspired by the folkloric figure of the green man. The green man is depicted across the world and stands as a symbol of nature’s yearly renewal. In the UK it is also a very popular pub name and is imagined in numerous ways and styles on pub signs across the country. 

Thompson has MA Painting from Royal College of Art (2005). In 2013 she had a solo exhibition at Art First Projects, London and showed in the group exhibitions; His Monkey Wife, Project Room, Glasgow, and ****, Neue Froth Kunsthalle, Brighton. In 2010 she was selected for Jerwood Contemporary Painters.


Looking at Nature, Becoming Vegetable, 2013, oil on canvas, 40x50cm


Galerie d'YS , London Art Fair & Transition Gallery