Alex Ball, Matt Brown, Adam Dix, Julie Cockburn,
Adam James, Edd Pearman, Boo Saville, Ceal Warnants

Curated by: Edd Pearman



28 May – 19 June 2011
Preview: Friday 27 May 2011, 6-9pm


Adam Dix                                                                  Edd Pearman

Exam. is a study of externalised anti-social existentialism.  An exhibition of art, which operates outside of, or discusses accepted communal norms and customs. Unorthodox relationships, death and superstition, sociological confusion, and stereotypes are exposed through the media of painting, sculpture, collage and print.  If society is collaborative then these artists are practicing in isolation.  Their intent: to bring themes of unrest, obsession and morbidity to the fore.

Alex Ball                                                                  Ceal Warnants


Edd Pearman’s curatorial projects include two successful group shows: Sea Change (2005) at the Mark Jason Gallery, London, which was featured by the BBC and Manderley (2009) at the John Jones Project Space, which received a ‘Pick of the Week’ in the Guardian.


     Julie Cockburn                                       Adam James                          

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