Alex Ball, Matt Brown, Adam Dix, Julie Cockburn,
Adam James, Edd Pearman, Boo Saville, Ceal Warnants

Curated by: Edd Pearman



28 May – 19 June 2011



Matt Brown


The Paperwork Explosion, 2011, painted resin.

Matt Brown studied Fine Art Printmaking at Brighton University then went straight on to achieve an MA in Fine Art Printmaking in 2003 at the Royal College of Art. Brown has since worked for a variety of artists including the Chapman Brothers where he project managed the remake of the piece Hell.

Since the birth of the Internet the world is experiencing a huge shift in its relationship with computers. We have come to believe in technology more than we believe in ourselves, feeling inferior because of their ability to multi-task and jealous of their seemingly organized logical existence. We are even shifting into a perversely ironic ideal of becoming more socially significant in the isolated constraints of virtual environments rather than in the real world. We are giving over control to the computer letting it become the pilot guiding us through a large proportion of our everyday lives resulting in technology becoming the centre of ourselves.

If assumed that the natural world is comprised of unthinking simple rules with the power to create amazingly complex systems without any conscious thought, Brown raises the question, will the lightening fast development of the digital realm soon mirror this type of evolution? His painstakingly preciously constructed pieces use the cube as a base to represent the building blocks of this environment. These cubes (pixels) are ordered to create exquisite patterns to which a random equivalent is overlaid creating a friction of order and chaos.

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