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Tudor Tat Collection


Tudor Tat Collection (Henry VIII and his six wives thimbles), 2002-2014,

In 2011 Cathy Lomax and Alli Sharma formalised their collection of items that commemorate the Tudor era for the exhibiton Mock Tudor. Their Tudor Tat Collection is both a celebration of unsophisticated taste and a tribute to the longevity of a group of characters that have become more interesting with the passing of time.

For British Low Culture the collection is presented as a formal slide show with accompanying notes.


Tudor Tat Collection (Tudor Shortbread tin), 2002-2014


Kirsty Buchanan / Cathy Lomax / Alli Sharma

British Low Culture
Honey Ramka project space
56 Bogart Street, Bushwick, NYC, USA
23 October - 23 November 2014