British Low Cultur

Cathy Lomax


Mock Tudor Miniatures (Geneviève, Alek, Elsa), 2014, oil on wood

Cathy Lomax’s Red Tops series revels in British vernacular, saucy postcard humour, an ignoble ‘fnarr fnarr’ tradition that has been embraced by the headline writers of tabloid newspapers such as The Sun and The Daily Mirror. The ground for Lomax’s paintings is a series of these very same tabloids, all of which feature crassly newsworthy moments from recent royal history. These are overlaid with painted and drawn images from the ever-repeating Tudor era as revisited by British theatre, film and design. Alongside these stately tomes are a series of miniature portraits of actresses and models playing at being Tudor.

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Cathy Lomax, Red Tops: Double Babs, Break Up Britain, Their Bliss is a Three Second Kiss, 2014, oil and pencil on newsprint mounted on panel


Kirsty Buchanan / Cathy Lomax / Alli Sharma

British Low Culture
Honey Ramka project space
56 Bogart Street, Bushwick, NYC, USA
23 October - 23 November 2014