British Low Cultur

Alli Sharma


Alli Sharma, Beer Mats: The White Hart, King Henry VIII, The Cock, 2014, acrylic on card

Alli Sharma's beermat paintings feature iconic images from English pub signs. The Brits have been drinking ale since the Bronze Age, and notoriously gin in the 18th century, which was seen to lead to ruination of the working-classes. Common pub names have traditionally reflected loyalty to local nobility. Sharma has also paid tribute to a remembered childhood snack. Tudor crisps reached the peak of popularity in the North of England during the 1970s. The firm was established in Sunderland in 1947 and with limited edition flavours that included Chocolate, or Kipper, ‘a canny bag o’ Tudor’ is the ultimate working-class homage to the Tudor dynasty.

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Tudor Crisps (Gammon), 2014, acrylic on board


Kirsty Buchanan / Cathy Lomax / Alli Sharma

British Low Culture
Honey Ramka project space
56 Bogart Street, Bushwick, NYC, USA
23 October - 23 November 2014