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Sense And Sensibility: Artists Take On History

9 May - 1 June 2003
Private View  Friday 9 May 6-8.30


The Spectator
(art special)
May 24

Andy Swani, Jason Synnott, Nadia Hebson & Arabella Lee

Everything is graded and judged against that which has come before it and art is no exception. Each new piece of art is informed by a long art historical lineage, a pedigree that can be more creative burden than boon in the contemporary artists’ never ending quest for the new.

For Sense And Sensibility: Artists Take On Art History each of the invited artists have been asked to make work in response to their chosen aspect of art history, whether it is an era, artist or artwork. Thus creating a rare opportunity for the artists’ to vocalise and engage with these ever present influences in a refreshingly direct manner.

Hung salon style the show is curated by Paul Murphy and includes an eclectic range of work across a whole range of media. The result a microcosm of everything that has gone before churned together with contemporary themes, techniques and influences to present vital new work.

The artists showing include:

photograph Untitled #46 depicts a hanging red curtain, abstracted from any context leaving us with the pure functionality of what a curtain does – it conceals and it reveals.
DAMIAN LE BAS the celebrated Outsider artist, takes on Arman’s 1960s collection of bathroom rubbish; Condition Of Woman 1, refocusing its perspective to reflect modern man.
SCOTIA LUHRS’ series of photographs toys with generic labels that get applied to art and photographic practices, playing off modernist and classical traditions.
NICKY MAGLIULO shows a video called Under My Thumb: The Stones, My Mum & Russell Hobbs, which she describes as “a quiet fugitive intervention into mid sixties art and rock”.
ALEX MICHON shows Jacket 1976, A Jackson Pollock inspired paint splattered jacket made for Joe Strummer of The Clash in 1976. “This wasn’t made as a fashion statement or to sell but as an emotive, artistic gesture. This was guerrilla clothing made for hard times”
PAULINE THOMAS presents a new video titled Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog after a painting by the German artist Casper David Friedrich, which defines the landscape as an immense, alienating place.
MIMEI THOMPSON paints fractured landscapes, swirling with brushstrokes and distorted colours. For Sense and Sensibility she has used Van Gogh’s Sunflowers as a starting point for a new disorientating view of the world.

Also: Carmen Alemán, Olly Beck, Annabel Bluesky, Isha Bøhling, Clive Brandon, John Clayman, Mark Croxford, Daedalus, Richard Dawson, Joel Dickens, Roger Dilkes, Antonio Gianasi, Nadia Hebson, Arabella Lee, Cathy Lomax, Paul Murphy, James Payne, Melanie Rose, Hans Scheirl, Norbert Schoerner, Marc Sibley, Andy Swani, Jason Synnott