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Scritch Scratch
Mark Croxford  Annabel Dover  Delaine Le Bas  Alex Michon  Marcus Oakley


Everything we’ve ever stolen has been lost returned or broken,
no more dragons left to slay
Every mistake I’ve ever made has been rehashed and then replayed,
as I got lost along the way

The Road to Mandalay – Robbie Williams

Transition presents a collection of ‘drawings’ hovering in the space between fine art and illustration, connected by the liberating concept of ‘I don’t care how I’m meant to do it I’m doing it this way’. These drawings, often described by outlines, have a heartfelt awkwardness that is as far removed from the gestural freedom of the art class as is possible. They are not ‘easy come’, there is an underlying complexity at odds with their deceptively simple surfaces and their presence is accompanied by copious amounts of their creators’ blood sweat and tears.

The moniker Scritch Scratch delineates this particular kind of drawing, cerebral, projective and ‘outside’ the art school. This work is seared on to its support leaving an imprint akin to one a child might leave when they press too hard on their paper. This is art that lives in the real world and not in some rarefied fine art laboratory.

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12 April - 4 May 2003