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High Gloss
Viviana Duran  Neli Feferberg  Saskia Wilson-Brown

10-26 January 2003


High Gloss brings together, for the first time, the work of three international London-based artists dealing with glamour, sexuality, beauty and deception.

VIVIANA DURAN'S wall and floor works are made of glitter, sequins, shiny paper, bright paint and feathers. She paints and plays with these materials directly onto an architectural surface. By incorporating itself into the structures that surround us, her work sheds itself of its artistic boundaries and becomes a part of our everyday landscape. Viviana’s objective is to challenge our concepts of beauty, attractiveness and objectification, all while playing with the clash between Latin and English cultures. A social and cultural tension is exposed in her work, particularly between western ideals of beauty and the visual methodology of Latin American countries.

NILI FEFERBERG'S photographic work arises from her interest in the way the look of pleasure, boredom and artificiality is represented in contemporary culture, (mainly in fashion magazines) and the fantasies they evoke. Her photographic portraits of women’s faces and torsos parody the current trendy image of fantasy by putting an emphasis on the surface. Her collage work also engages in a playful examination of the magazines’ version of what reality is. By manipulating or omitting various aspects of a typical fashion photograph, her collage work re-evaluates the meaning and the narrative of the original image and creates a new fictional romantic or repulsive reality.

SASKIA WILSON-BROWN'S images are inspired on a large level by the cultural significance of escapism, the ‘other’, and the feminine pursuit of sexual desireability. Her images try to sell little more than an attempt at the possession of beauty, and perhaps the overriding (and often secret) human desire to be somewhere or someone else. She is also interested in advertising and fashion’s ability to bring the sacred down to earth, the high art/low art dichotomy, sexiness and kitsch. All of these issues are acknowledged in her fantasy-inspired photographic prints of herself in various overly-glamourized and sexually ambiguous poses