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Nadia Hebson: Goria

Preview -  Friday 4 July  6-9
Show -  5 - 27 July  Fri-Sun  12-6

Installation View - Mixed Media
Untitled (Crying 2) - Oil on Copper

Nadia Hebson’s Goria is a micro version of Phantasmagoria, which premiered at Chapter, Cardiff in February 2003. This new work reflects Hebson’s preoccupation with the ambivalence of emotion; exploring overbearing, amorphous sentiments it creates an uneasy melancholic, narrative. Goria’s sentient landscape; half remembered, half seen; examines how emotion when cut loose from the personal, takes on its own life.

Goria contains a diorama of grottos, trees and painted self-portraits, which together form an installation struck uncompromisingly between sculpture and painting. This tableaux vivant extends the emotional territory of Hebson’s paintings by creating a mental as well as physical space and thereby binding the viewer to her world by intensifying their relationship with the work.

This whole 'phantasmagoria' is in fact constructed as if it were a painting and Hebson wants it to function as such. In Goria it is possible to find worlds within worlds, paintings within paintings. It is listless, retina burning, slow-dreaming and inescapable, emulating a strange delirium where the last thing seen unnerves and consoles simultaneously.

Goria is a tantalising, multi layered installation with myriad references; from the paintings of Rogier Van Der Weyden, Grunwald and Hans Memling, to Victorian wardian cases and magic lantern shows, to the sunken forests of Ivan's childhood and Akira Kurosawa's exhaustive Dreams.

An accompanying pamphlet entitled Phantasmagoria with text by Annabel Dover will be available at the opening.

Nadia Hebson completed her post graduate diploma at the Royal Academy Schools in 2000. She has exhibited widely including in Peter Blake’s room at the Royal Academy Summer Show (2000) and in the Emerging Artists Award Exhibition at BOC Headquarters selected by Matthew Collings (2002). Awards have included the British Institute Drawing Prize, and the Andre De Segonzac travel award.


Time Out - July 16th 2003