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Martina Jenne  Isabel Ivars  Sharone Lifschitz

Curated by Viviana Duran

DAYING is a verb; it describes life through the many mundane activities that take place everyday. The day in question, 27th February 2003, a random anyday, becomes the common ground that connects the work of the three artists involved in DAYING.

DAYING is a single collaborative work formed from three separate versions of a single day. Each artist speaks of her own experience of a day in her life, which is shared with the others only because they too experience that day.

In the gallery, the work is displayed as a time line, revealing the minutia of the three everyday routines. The work of each individual artist expands across the time line as connections, differences and similarities occur.

In Martina Jenne’s work the camera is held in two positions, capturing what she sees, and at the same time turning in on herself to capture herself looking. The camera thus becomes the eye of the world transferring images as they are seen by others. These images become photographic installations, theatrically constructed and staged in the gallery, creating relationships and tensions between their various elements.

Isabel Ivars’s work has transformed over the last two years from meticulous paintings of introspective grids to video and photography. She has transferred her gaze away from herself now examining how this inner world exists and manifests itself in the wider world around her. Her work traces a path between the poetic of the everyday and the fantasy of the rational.

Sharone Lifschitz often travels without a destination. Her work speaks of her experiences creating and following situations that enable her to meet, exist and interact with infrastructures, places, people, and cultures. Working in between photography and text, she empties her photographs of individual meaning and writes about events and non-events as they actually happened. She then uses the two, to tell a story, allowing the spectator to undergo a journey and grasp the nature of the experience as his own


14 March – 30 March 2003