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Preview - Friday 13 June 2003
Show - 14 - 29 June 2003  Fri -Sun  12 -6

Alice Anderson, Emi Avora, Grania Cumming, Viviana Duran, Carol Ho, The House of O’Dwyer, Tom Hunter, Ben Ford-Smith, Antonio Gianasi, Sam Griffin, Antonia Low, Cathy Lomax, Paul Murphy, Marcus Oakley, Kavel Rafferty, Peter Robathan, Heidi Stokes, Andrew Thomas,  
Edward Underwood, Yolanda Zappaterra

Our house, was our castle and our keep
Our House – Madness

On a three-day debate on a high rise estate, what’s at the back of your mind
Stretch Out and Wait – The Smiths

Arty-Tecture is a unique collaboration between the art fanzine Arty and Transition and takes place in association with Architecture Week

This visual cornucopia delves, toys and brushes with various aspects of architecture. Resulting in a potpourri of real and imaginary structures, plans and interiors.

Alice Anderson shows her video NIHR and a series of floor plans that plot her heroine's impossible route.
Emi Avora’s
paintings are imaginary spaces collaged from collected photos and interiors magazines.
The House of O’Dwyer's
photographic series Menagerie provides an oblique look at the architecture of the city by focusing on representations of animals in the urban environment.
Tom Hunter’s
photograph is of one of the Residents of Cedar Court from the seminal 1997 Holly Street Tower Block series. It focuses on a single inhabitant of a blighted Hackney Estate in his living room in the weeks before he was re-housed and the tower block was demolished.
Cathy Lomax’s
Local Shops are illuminated paintings of architecturally uninspired spaces, brought to life by bright facades and the promise of glamour. These little, escapist dream palaces are the life blood of ailing shopping parades far removed from the commercial superpower of the out of town retail parks.
Edward Underwood’s
drawing – Multi-Storey Mobile Home - provides a wry answer to over crowding in utilitarian holiday parks.