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Stella Vine

Aug 2007: O Dreamland
Nov 2004: Goth Moth
Jun 2004: Prozac and Private Views
Feb 2004:
Love N Bullets
Jan 2004: Girl on Girl
Dec 2003: Snow
Nov 2003: Souvenir


Transition Publications

Garageland 5: The Rosy Hemisphere on the phenomenology of the blush in the painings of Stella Vine by Alex Michon
Garageland 4: Studio Secrets. Image of Stella's studio and quote about her practice see alternative images and read the full text online here.
Brushstrokes from Lichtenstein to Vine - Charlie Porter searches for painting's soul rebels
Garageland 2: 'Chantelle' and 'Preston' - centrespread
Arty Greatest Hits: Drawing of Stella's favourite things. E is for Eggs (from Arty 13). Interview with Stella Vine by Paul Murphy (from Arty 14). Drawing of Stella Vine by Alex Michon (from Arty 14)
Prozac and Private Views: Limited edition catalogue


Prozac and Private View Badges
Postcards: Margaret and Denis. Joseph and Joan


Born in 1969 in Alnwick, Northumberland, England
Lives and works in London, England

Group Exhibitions

2004 - New Blood - Saatchi Gallery, London
2004 - Love N Bullets - Transition, London E9
2004 - Girl On Girl - Transition, London E9
2003 - Snow - Transition, London E9
2003 - Fanclub - Rosy Wilde, London EC1
2003 - Oleana - Rosy Wilde, London EC1
2003 - Chockerfuckingblocked - Jeffrey Charles Gallery, London

Curated Vaguely Romantic - Rosy Wilde, London 2003

Saatchi Collection
Private collections in The UK, Israel and Italy